This is Me. Is That You?


My name is Bora.  I was born and raised in South Korea, on rice, fish, tofu, seaweed and every local vegetable imaginable.  Occasionally we were treated to canned pineapple slices when my little brother would run the mile and a half into town with pocket money given to him by our mother.  My sister and I always allowed him two slices for his legwork, we were told he deserved it.  Mother and Father were both teachers, spending most hours of the day away from the house.  But our nanny’s skills shone throughout our humble kitchen, sustaining us with wonderfully healthful Korean fare.  The foundations of good nutrition were imposed upon us from birth, we thought we ate like royalty.  I assumed this would continue on, simple good living without end.  However, when I was thirteen, my father embraced a growing trend among our extended family.  As if to say farewell to childhood forever, we were uprooted from all I ever knew, emigrating to America; life would not be simple again for a long time.

Early days in the new world were not easy, rather nearly impossible.  A new language and new people who looked nothing like us nor we like them.  Our school peers were typically mocking of my siblings and me, with our foreign names and ways.  The smell of kimchee streaming from our pores and breath probably garnered us no leeway, now I think of it.  We were hit-and-miss newbies in the land of opportunity.  We shopped for cookware to be used in the “chicken”.  We chose American names, as if that would improve our community position.  My father began a small business where, after school, my sister and brother and I helped out until closing.  Then there was homework.  I failed every class my first year, with the exception of mathematics.  I recall hours during and after school getting special tutelage so as to achieve passing grades.

I took after my father and pursued art.  I began four years at a reputable institute, as well as a downward spiral into self-destruction which seemed to have no light at the end of it.  This crash and burn was precipitated by actions against me early in my life, continuing and compounding in our new-and-improved country and culture.  I may elaborate in a future post.  Suffice to say that, by God’s good grace, I was reclaimed from out of the pit and set firmly upon the Rock of His love.  In my mid-twenties, life’s path took a meandering drift toward something brighter, something of a personal reset.  Old thoughts replaced by new, empowering thoughts.  Today, in my mid-forties, much water long passed beneath the bridge, my walk is straighter…surer.  I married and began a family with a man who, for all his triumphs and tumblings, has loved me as he found me.  I daily aim to do the same for him.  Here begins the journey to real living, the spirit of love being fundamental to holistic well-being, with a mind toward longevity.

As introductions go, this may read a bit TMI.  So here are the brass tacks:  the purpose of this blog, going forward, is to be a repository for my thoughts and findings as regards optimal health and overall wellness.  I have been an avid researcher and proponent of excellent health for the last twenty years, and now find it worthwhile to fill these pages with those moments I consider essential remembering, in the interest of encouraging all who pass this way.  May this blog be as valuable to you, esteemed reader, as to me, while I compile anecdotes and lessons learned.

One final note, in the interest of transparency, I work as an independent ambassador for PLEXUS WORLDWIDE’s line of nutritional supplements, and am a shameless fan of their products.  Some of the content herein will be reflective of this.  Be sure to look at the disclaimer.  Otherwise, read on and benefit as you will.  I wish you the very best of life while it carries you!

This is Me. Is That You?

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