A Clear Head


When does a woman take to the internets in order to laud the accomplishments of a nutritional supplement company?  This one, right here.  Right now.  I suffer exceeding few health issues, truth be told.  For this I am grateful, mama taught us well, God is good.  One item, however, has been the bane of every month.  You see where I’m going with this.

If I may risk some overexposure for a moment, that famously feminine cyclical occurrence used to be little more than an inconvenience for me, from day one.  Being the chip-on-my-shoulder girl that I was, I still felt compelled to complain.  No one told me it was anything to rejoice over.  First came love, then came marriage and, joy of joys, we became pregnant with our first child and (insert magic wand sound) no more monthly bother for a while.  I can’t say I missed it.  For all the anticipated inconveniences of motherhood, I rather appreciated the monthlies passing uneventfully.

It was after our second child that the migraines kicked in, along with the associated brain fog and top-to-bottom malaise.  Anyone who’s suffered regular migraines can attest to the inflicted debilitation.  I determined it was most likely related to sleeplessness and the demand of two small children, that normalcy would surely return as soon as, well, normalcy returned.  That hasn’t really happened yet, in case you’re wondering.  And as my cycle returned for it’s regular visits, a new guest joined the party:  Monsieur le Crippling Headache.  I found I needed extra rest a few days before first sighting, almost a solid day of napping at least once during the period.  I avoid pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary, so I toughed it out every time, ensuring I ate as healthfully as I could prior to the main event.

About a year ago, my dear friend, Mary June, introduced me to the Plexus line of nutritional supplements.  She was an ambassador for their products and, by her initial excitement, I assumed she must be high on a recent sales meeting and was looking to fill her quota.  My eyes glazed over as I backed away with a smile, sad to lose such a good friend.  Happily, these many months later, due diligence done, I am now an ambassador and fan of the company and their products.  Mary June and I remain fast friends to boot!  The penny dropped when, after taking the Plexus Tri-Plex Combo for only about two weeks, my next period came and went without a single inkling of aggravation.  No fog, no pounding, no throbbing, no pain!  After nearly six years, no head pain.  It bears repeating one last time for speed readers:  no pain.  The same held true for subsequent periods.  I still get a bit giddy when those days come and breeze along with no hassle.  I can stay on track.  I got something of a missing peace returned to me and I am ecstatic.  Woman thou art loosed!

If you’d like more information about Plexus Worldwide, their products and / or the business opportunity, please ask your questions in the Comments section, or visit http://www.shopmyplexus.com/borarew.


A Clear Head

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