When Something Finally Works!

I work as an independent ambassador for the PLEXUS WORLDWIDE  line of natural products, as I’ve mentioned previously.  I knew the supplements were great, but had no close-to-home experience with their body cream.  Now I have, and the account below is nothing less than wonderful! I still can’t resist an enthusiastic overflow when something I recommend finally works for someone who’s had little to no success.

I’m blessed to have a mother-in-law who is simultaneously well-read in health matters and skeptical of all things until proven to her satisfaction.  This week I interviewed her about an issue of eczema that has lately troubled her.  If you’ve ever suffered skin disorders or know someone who does, please read on. Pictures below too. My mother-in-law was willing to go on record to state her experience using the PLEXUS Body Cream.  I recorded her speaking and believe it appropriate to let her words give account from this point forward.

“My eczema started about a year and a half ago, a small patch on my elbow, and over that year it seemed to move around a bit on the arms. Then, probably six months ago, I would notice small patches here and there and I would put on creams and aloe vera, and other things. About six months ago I noticed that I had a large spot about the size of a half dollar, on my back. When it flares up, you’re aware. It’s like heat rash. It’s very itchy and I didn’t know any better so I’m scratching and scratching and spreading it. I had eczema once before, I was 24, it started on my calf, real small, and I let it go. It got to be the size of a baseball before I went to get treatment. The doctor used ultraviolet light and a cream, that took a month or two and it all went away. It never came back, I haven’t had it since until a year and a half ago. I’m now 66. Now I have 11 areas.

“So for the last 6 months I’ve been aggressively trying to treat it. I put on different creams. It still woke me up, the itching was so bad. This scratching would bring relief, but then it becomes inflamed and seems to leave something like a scar. You can feel the evidence, I have a rough patch even after it stops flaring. So I went online to do some research. One person said to take borage oil, a certain amount each day internally. They said try GLA, gamma linoleic acid, so I added that. I did see a cream that was guaranteed to help, it’s like a gel. It’s very expensive but it’s guaranteed to help you. I ordered that and probably used that for 3 to 4 weeks the way the instructions read, two or three times a day. My husband would put it on my back and I would put it on my arms. I was religious about it because this thing was waking me up at night and it’ll just flare up and you just want to scratch it. They say cold compresses help too, to calm it down. So I tried that too. The expensive cream did help, I noticed it began to work after about three days.  I’d say 50% reduction in the symptoms of the redness and itchiness over three weeks. But if I missed putting the cream on it would start to flare up. And there were periods where it would all flare up again, terribly, it didn’t all just go away. Even if I was using the cream, even if I put it on earlier in the day I might have a flare up. The cream didn’t burn my skin but it felt like it, as if the eczema was getting agitated by this expensive cream and then would start to calm down. Sometimes in the middle of the night I would get up and put the cream on, that’s what was going on.

“And then Bora suggested that I try the PLEXUS Body Cream. And I thought, ‘Well how is a body cream going to help this?’ But she showed me some testimonial videos online. The pictures online seemed to me to be some of these phony before-and-after pictures that you see; like these cosmetic surgery pictures, you’re 80 but now you look 30. So I thought, ‘I don’t know.’ But my daughter-in-law is very tenacious! So I decided to try it just to get her off my back! And so, after four days of use, it’s definitely calmed the itching down by, I’d say, 90%! And the redness is down by 90% as well! I did have a flare-up on day 2, but I put on the PLEXUS Body Cream and it calmed down in about a half an hour. That was my only flare-up. Even if this is as well as the PLEXUS cream does, I haven’t found another thing like it. Nothing. I’m going to keep using it.”

PLEXUS Body Cream contains spirulina algae as a detoxifier, also activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal has been shown to create a protective pathogen-blocking barrier on the skin, as well as to absorb toxins.  If you or someone you know suffers from eczema or similar skin disorders, please refer them to this blog post. Questions may be asked in the comment section. You may also visit my ambassador website to learn more about the product, http://www.shopmyplexus.com/borarew.


The images below were taken 9 days apart.




When Something Finally Works!

One thought on “When Something Finally Works!

  1. MELANIE says:

    Bora; One could not be more impressed than I. Completely, thoroughly enjoyed your writings, the good news of the stop itch action for the family member, as this will enhance her lovely disposition….The photographs of the children with the bearded man are ones I wish I could have been in as well….Blessings and the Best to you in the Plexus endeavor…Melanie


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