I learned of a new concept in the last few months.  As I’ve said, I have very few health issues over the last 20 years.  By God’s kindness I have a mother who taught biology in the local school, educating us in good nutrition at home.  The vast majority of my family and friends are very healthy too.  I would love to believe it’s by their association avec moi, but surely one may not be so vain.  So it came as a surprise to me in late 2015 that there was an already-well-known malady commonly referred to as “leaky gut”.  The bigger surprise was that so many people suffer this debilitation, with an estimated 80% of Americans having some degree of the syndrome, this according to health watchers on the internet.

Increased intestinal permeability, as Leaky Gut Syndrome is also called, is a situation in which one’s intestines have become so weakened as to allow the passing-through of larger particles than is beneficial to the rest of the body.  These particles can include partially digested food matter, even toxic waste which should be moved through and expelled.  In many cases this will cause inflammation and an immune response, and here the trouble really picks up speed.  In progressive cases, the elements passing through an overly permeable gut can turn up in just about any system of the body.  Common symptoms of LGS may include poor digestion, food allergies, inflammation, headaches, weight gain, skin disorders, chronic pain, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, thyroid irregularities.  This is not a conclusive list, but you get the idea.  Our colon is the manufacturing plant of nutrients to be dispatched for use in the body.  These nutrients are distributed through the blood, deposited in all the critical life systems of our vessel.  Leaky gut is like allowing known contagions into your home where they may work their destruction unchecked.  To my way of thinking, this is unacceptable; code red.

Here’s a riddle: the current Wikipedia entry for “leaky gut syndrome” still claims that LGS is actually a “hypothetical…condtion”, and that the scientific community generally doesn’t recognize the existence of “credible evidence” that diseases may be caused by a so-called leaky gut.  Rather LGS is considered, by some, a quack’s theory used to peddle magic powders.  If it weren’t for the numerous testimonies I’ve either heard or read, I might have laughed such an ailment out of class myself.  But what’s this?  Another Wikipedia entry, “leaky gut”, essentially pulls the previous punch.  On one page we find the same no-evidence statement, preceded immediately by a section which states that evidence exists to show that “nutritional depletion results in increased intestinal permeability”.  One can readily see where confusion might set in.

So often the case, any alternative practitioner outside the established medical model is open to ridicule.  As an aside, one of the telling points in a flawed argument is the presence of an ad hominem attack.  Hippocrates’ quote comes to mind: all disease begins in the gut.  Surely the scientific community hasn’t departed from this maxim.  If so, a body might wonder if the Hippocratic oath, in it’s original intent, is of no further interest either.  The argument could be made.  Back to the main point.

To quote another inspired soul, Albert Einstein said that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.  In other words, our great grannys knew that one doesn’t get sick because the body is deficient in prescribed or over-the-counter synthetic chemistry.  So many elders in my childhood promoted the concept, “we are what we eat”.  I offer no argument here.  If disease begins in the gut, it stands to reason that health can be allowed to flourish in the gut, touching all areas of the body, even the mind.  Not all cases are the same, someone may be deeper in the trap than another.  But there is no substitute for excellent nutrition and adequate exercise.  But what if you are caught in the trap?  Perhaps you’re unwilling or unable to change eating and exercise habits.  What then?

Nutritional supplementation seems a good bridge from poor health to excellent health.  I personally pop as few pills as possible and, if something does go down the hatch, I must know that it was worth the pop.  Sometimes all it takes is assisting the body toward proper balance in order to get someone on the track toward optimal health.  Supplements can be considered a means for priming the pump for the sake of longevity.

The reason I chose to independently promote the products offered by PLEXUS WORLDWIDE is because I have recognized that they have an effect, I notice results.  I have improved my own life, and have seen improvement in those around me, simply by adding some of their supplements to the daily routine.  The company monitors the quality of it’s product carefully.  And a major area of interest to the company and it’s customers is Leaky Gut Syndrome.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with LGS or another digestive issue, do yourself and them a favor by considering a quality probiotic supplement right away.  A probiotic worth taking will reduce disease-causing microbial populations (including yeast) in the intestines, while maintaining a healthy level of beneficial flora.  An excellent partner with that would be something to help cleanse the colon of disease-causing toxic residue or build-up.  I can recommend PLEXUS’ Pro Bio 5 and their Bio Cleanse as well worth taking.  The reason a cleanser is important is that, as the probiotic is breaking down harmful microbes and build-up, we need to eliminate that material from the colon.  Otherwise, as we like to say at home, it’s like scrubbing a filthy toilet but never flushing the bowl.  Ew.

You may contact me with questions via the comments section here, or visit to learn more about what PLEXUS products can do for you.  It could make the difference between a measurable return to good living, or a slow and aggravated wearing-out of your body.  Please don’t put off your good health.




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