A Day of Preparation

Today was one of many a day of preparations. T’is what makes the Christmas season last so wondrously long!
We put up our Christmas tree later than most people. I did not grow up with a tree, nor Christmas exactly. My husband grew up with the tree being placed and decorated Christmas Eve because, “that’s just how it’s done. Case closed.” Today he felled a tree that hasn’t been doing so well, but the top is nice for the house.
We keep our tree up through January 6, later than some, traditionally to mark the Epiphany. January 7 we put up lacy hearts and shamrocks so as not to be caught out. Kidding.
This blog has been dormant as I’ve considered whether or not Facebook can replace it. I believe not, so the intention is to get cracking again right here after the first of the year. Check Instagram and Facebook for the decorated tree. Meantime, enjoy these images of my everlove prepping an evergreen.
A Day of Preparation

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