Live True, Live Well

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When I first began as an ambassador for the company I promote, I was asked repeatedly the same question: “Why?” Half the time, it wasn’t really a genuine inquiry, more a veiled judgement of my sanity. I’ve said so before. Sales pitches, marketing meet-ups, social media parties, up-lines and down-lines, it all seemed somewhat predictably tacky. And I suppose it would have been, if I had been pushing anything other than a product line I felt held tremendous benefits for people, myself included.

We must continually ask ourselves this “why” question, develop a regular re-evaluation of our motivation for doing whatever it is that we do. I have found the exercise to be good for my soul, an honest undertaking. In skimming through one of the books here at home, “Reclaim Your Health” by David & Anne Frahm, I landed on a quote that resonated with me on two notes. First, it reminded me that sick people desire to not be sick and, second, that I get great joy and fulfillment by helping people connect the dots of their health picture.

“Studies have shown that abnormal psychological reactions can occur in people whose intestinal flora has been suppressed by drugs or even by a poor diet. Such reactions can include depression, anxiety, withdrawal, irritability, and a tendency to fly off the handle. The nervous system, including the brain, is just not getting enough of what it needs in order to function properly. In other words, what seems to be psychological in nature may actually stem from a problem entirely chemical.” This was the aforementioned quote.

I have seen amiable, affable people go from sweet to sinister in a flash. I’ve known the ups and downs of emotional instability myself, many years ago…thank God. I have walked with some close to me, lovely souls battling an invisible and seemingly inescapable depression. These characteristics are generally not desirable, nor acceptably waved away as simply part of the human condition. The human condition is a combination of the physical and ethereal, and nowadays we have accumulated much knowledge in both regards. For brevity, let’s continue addressing the tangibles.

Natural foods, which I define as being grown organically and uncorrupted, are designed to deliver exactly the chemicals the human body requires for a thriving longevity. The further away we drift from this standard, the more we reap the due penalties for our ignorance, compounded by abuse of synthetic “corrective” measures. Corrective is in quotes here because, more often than not, the root cause of many ailments is neglected, the symptoms alleviated swiftly, albeit temporarily.

To truly live a life of abundance, we must live truly. By now, the deception is well-ingrained around the world, namely that food comes from boxes at grocery stores, less from the backyard garden or pasture. Not everyone thinks this way, granted. But even those “in the know” are as likely to choose convenience over commitment. Green thumbs have become associated with our elders, or the country know-nothings; the simplicity of fresh vegetables offers limited excitement factor. When our bodies fail us, however, we are forced back to the first question: why? Getting the answer wrong can have irrevocable consequences.


Live True, Live Well

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