Your Perfume Makes Me Cry

A chiropractor acquaintance of ours is allergic to my perfumes. Actually so is my husband. Sneezing, hacking, gasping, watery eyes, and not the 😂 kind. As I originally thought it was just men being men, turns out there’s more to it. Here my friend, Jessica Hoogendorn, naturopath and CNHP, explains:

“Did you know that sensitivities to chemicals in perfumes, soaps, carpets, and other things has a name: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

“It’s another problem stemming from leaky gut. A healthy immune system is able to handle these irritants! The problem occurs when toxins and other pathogens have leaked through the inflamed intestinal walls, and entered our bloodstream. Our body becomes overburdened! It starts shutting down or attacking itself.

“Adrenal fatigue, allergies, food sensitivities, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal problems that occur when we reabsorb estrogen (cysts, etc.), brain fog, asthma… Much more! It’s such a long list!!!

“It’s GUT HEALTH!!! Hippocrates knew what he was talking about when he said that all diseases begin in the gut. If anyone is still scoffing at the thought, you have a pretty closed mind! There are doctors and scientists and researchers everywhere who are publishing facts about gut health, how diseases are related to it, and how poor gut health happens.

“It is the very reason why auto-immune diseases begin. Lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, myocarditis, iritis and thyroiditis are some of the members of this ever-growing category of mysteriously incurable auto-immune diseases.”

Disease is no mystery, it’s big business. The American Cancer Society, for example, reportedly has in it’s charter the resolution to dissolve the Society in the event a cure for cancer is found. Small wonder the Society, like big pharma, is not interested in a cure, as they are sustained by millions of dollars in sales and research funds annually. Sick people will pay to get well, but wellness is not derived from adding synthetic pharmaceuticals into already struggling biological systems. At best, symptoms are alleviated in the short term, while toxins are building up over prolonged use. The consumption of pharma’s antibiotics, either prescribed or OTC, play an unholy role in the slow kill of populations worldwide.

Your body has been created to recover magnificently, if only you will give it the nutrients it needs. You are the governor of your health. You choose your diets and lifestyle, upon this we cannot improve. The universe is comprised of natural laws, and historical precedent has shown that violating them necessarily ends in tears, or worse. It is the method by which we learn, and thereby we thrive. If you are not feeling strong and vigorous 95% of the time, something is off kilter. Leave it that way and you can reasonably expect to crash, probably sooner than later.

Your Perfume Makes Me Cry

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