Voices in My Head

I hear voices. They are in my head. If you’re honest, you hear voices too. It is given to man to hear voices, lest we miss that still small voice within us. Similarly, it is imperative that we learn to recognize the voices in our heads, lest we take ownership of every single one. From before exiting the womb, my soul has been subjected to the voices of others. I had no control, nor frame of reference, for the nature and persuasions of those voices.

An acquaintance of mine checked himself into the psychiatric ward of a hospital some years ago. I don’t really know his reasons, he said he felt overwhelmed by life and decided to drop out for season. In hindsight this seems to have been a mistake, psych ward admittance is no small stigma on one’s record. During a visit, he told me he heard voices in his head, suggesting to him that he was of no use to anyone and would never amount to anything in life. I argued with him. Surely every soul is valuable under heaven, to someone, somewhere, somehow. God had need of him in the here and now. My earnest attempts at encouragement most likely we’re received as plebeian platitudes, I could not compete with such deep grooves in his wax.

I asked my friend if he told the hospital workers about the voices. “Oh no, you don’t do that here. You don’t say you hear voices. And they will ask you, it’s one of the first questions on their little clip boards. They’re very interested in your voices. But you never, ever say that you hear voices.” When I pressed him, he explained that he had become friendly with another young man in his ward, who also heard voices. “I told him to keep quiet about it. But he didn’t. When he was a no-show for our game of chess, I asked about him. The worker said he had been moved to the ‘blue wing’.” Stronger chemicals in the blue wing, I assumed. Perhaps they were merely washing his brain out of talkers.

It is no secret that, through mass media outlets and education establishments, we are all brainwashed. If we’re wise, we’ll choose that which washes over our brains with discretion and no small amount of intention. It’s important that the voices in one’s head be of value. For those we must search. There is seemingly no end to the negative programming that gets carved into our minds, from cradle to grave. Psychologists will tell you that replacing a bad habit with a good one is easier than trying to drop the habit cold. We squeeze out those things which are crippling when we fill our vessels with thoughts and activities intended to produce good fruit; victory by starving the baddies for time and attention. It is written, “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing from the Word of God.” It would not be incorrect to consider the first half of that statement on it’s own: faith comes by hearing. It is analogous to a spoonful of cough remedy. We may whinge and wince at the taste but, once swallowed, the medicine produces results. Similarly, whatever we allow into our conscious minds most certainly finds place in our long-term subconscious minds. Et voilá, we are programmed.

If we spend our listening hours in the company of detractors, we become down on ourselves by internalizing their estimations of us. No shame to the detractors, they are expressing their own programming; forgive and be forgiven. If we tune in to the news of the world, which is known to be produced with agenda back of it, we shall become angry and fearful…whereas everyone I know would prefer to be joyful and at peace. It cannot be otherwise, God is not mocked, we reap what is sown. So we must sow in our own gardens seed of our own choosing.

I continue to hear voices in my head. Most are ones I’ve invited in, a conscientious self-programming in accordance with those concepts I consider most valuable. There are other voices occasionally, spiritual entities connected to other programmers, controllers, tyrants. Those are like weeds and must be silenced immediately. Emerson wrote that “a man is what he thinks about all day long.” Before him, the writer of Proverbs illuminated the same truth: as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. These concepts bear out as self-evident after only a few years in one’s skin. We are the products of the thoughts we think.

Let us think well, with conviction toward the desired end of prospering. Let us think love. Confucius say, “The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.” The apostle Paul expressed this notion most excellently in his letter to a church in Philippi, that we do well to meditate upon uplifting and honorable things, so as not to become bogged down in bleak despair. There is no shortage of valuable voices. We have only to seek them, study them for truth and internalize them. If we do not, we most certainly become the product of someone else’s intentions. And who’s to say they have our best interests at heart?

Voices in My Head


I learned of a new concept in the last few months.  As I’ve said, I have very few health issues over the last 20 years.  By God’s kindness I have a mother who taught biology in the local school, educating us in good nutrition at home.  The vast majority of my family and friends are very healthy too.  I would love to believe it’s by their association avec moi, but surely one may not be so vain.  So it came as a surprise to me in late 2015 that there was an already-well-known malady commonly referred to as “leaky gut”.  The bigger surprise was that so many people suffer this debilitation, with an estimated 80% of Americans having some degree of the syndrome, this according to health watchers on the internet.

Increased intestinal permeability, as Leaky Gut Syndrome is also called, is a situation in which one’s intestines have become so weakened as to allow the passing-through of larger particles than is beneficial to the rest of the body.  These particles can include partially digested food matter, even toxic waste which should be moved through and expelled.  In many cases this will cause inflammation and an immune response, and here the trouble really picks up speed.  In progressive cases, the elements passing through an overly permeable gut can turn up in just about any system of the body.  Common symptoms of LGS may include poor digestion, food allergies, inflammation, headaches, weight gain, skin disorders, chronic pain, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, thyroid irregularities.  This is not a conclusive list, but you get the idea.  Our colon is the manufacturing plant of nutrients to be dispatched for use in the body.  These nutrients are distributed through the blood, deposited in all the critical life systems of our vessel.  Leaky gut is like allowing known contagions into your home where they may work their destruction unchecked.  To my way of thinking, this is unacceptable; code red.

Here’s a riddle: the current Wikipedia entry for “leaky gut syndrome” still claims that LGS is actually a “hypothetical…condtion”, and that the scientific community generally doesn’t recognize the existence of “credible evidence” that diseases may be caused by a so-called leaky gut.  Rather LGS is considered, by some, a quack’s theory used to peddle magic powders.  If it weren’t for the numerous testimonies I’ve either heard or read, I might have laughed such an ailment out of class myself.  But what’s this?  Another Wikipedia entry, “leaky gut”, essentially pulls the previous punch.  On one page we find the same no-evidence statement, preceded immediately by a section which states that evidence exists to show that “nutritional depletion results in increased intestinal permeability”.  One can readily see where confusion might set in.

So often the case, any alternative practitioner outside the established medical model is open to ridicule.  As an aside, one of the telling points in a flawed argument is the presence of an ad hominem attack.  Hippocrates’ quote comes to mind: all disease begins in the gut.  Surely the scientific community hasn’t departed from this maxim.  If so, a body might wonder if the Hippocratic oath, in it’s original intent, is of no further interest either.  The argument could be made.  Back to the main point.

To quote another inspired soul, Albert Einstein said that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.  In other words, our great grannys knew that one doesn’t get sick because the body is deficient in prescribed or over-the-counter synthetic chemistry.  So many elders in my childhood promoted the concept, “we are what we eat”.  I offer no argument here.  If disease begins in the gut, it stands to reason that health can be allowed to flourish in the gut, touching all areas of the body, even the mind.  Not all cases are the same, someone may be deeper in the trap than another.  But there is no substitute for excellent nutrition and adequate exercise.  But what if you are caught in the trap?  Perhaps you’re unwilling or unable to change eating and exercise habits.  What then?

Nutritional supplementation seems a good bridge from poor health to excellent health.  I personally pop as few pills as possible and, if something does go down the hatch, I must know that it was worth the pop.  Sometimes all it takes is assisting the body toward proper balance in order to get someone on the track toward optimal health.  Supplements can be considered a means for priming the pump for the sake of longevity.

The reason I chose to independently promote the products offered by PLEXUS WORLDWIDE is because I have recognized that they have an effect, I notice results.  I have improved my own life, and have seen improvement in those around me, simply by adding some of their supplements to the daily routine.  The company monitors the quality of it’s product carefully.  And a major area of interest to the company and it’s customers is Leaky Gut Syndrome.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with LGS or another digestive issue, do yourself and them a favor by considering a quality probiotic supplement right away.  A probiotic worth taking will reduce disease-causing microbial populations (including yeast) in the intestines, while maintaining a healthy level of beneficial flora.  An excellent partner with that would be something to help cleanse the colon of disease-causing toxic residue or build-up.  I can recommend PLEXUS’ Pro Bio 5 and their Bio Cleanse as well worth taking.  The reason a cleanser is important is that, as the probiotic is breaking down harmful microbes and build-up, we need to eliminate that material from the colon.  Otherwise, as we like to say at home, it’s like scrubbing a filthy toilet but never flushing the bowl.  Ew.

You may contact me with questions via the comments section here, or visit http://www.shopmyplexus.com/borarew to learn more about what PLEXUS products can do for you.  It could make the difference between a measurable return to good living, or a slow and aggravated wearing-out of your body.  Please don’t put off your good health.




When Something Finally Works!

I work as an independent ambassador for the PLEXUS WORLDWIDE  line of natural products, as I’ve mentioned previously.  I knew the supplements were great, but had no close-to-home experience with their body cream.  Now I have, and the account below is nothing less than wonderful! I still can’t resist an enthusiastic overflow when something I recommend finally works for someone who’s had little to no success.

I’m blessed to have a mother-in-law who is simultaneously well-read in health matters and skeptical of all things until proven to her satisfaction.  This week I interviewed her about an issue of eczema that has lately troubled her.  If you’ve ever suffered skin disorders or know someone who does, please read on. Pictures below too. My mother-in-law was willing to go on record to state her experience using the PLEXUS Body Cream.  I recorded her speaking and believe it appropriate to let her words give account from this point forward.

“My eczema started about a year and a half ago, a small patch on my elbow, and over that year it seemed to move around a bit on the arms. Then, probably six months ago, I would notice small patches here and there and I would put on creams and aloe vera, and other things. About six months ago I noticed that I had a large spot about the size of a half dollar, on my back. When it flares up, you’re aware. It’s like heat rash. It’s very itchy and I didn’t know any better so I’m scratching and scratching and spreading it. I had eczema once before, I was 24, it started on my calf, real small, and I let it go. It got to be the size of a baseball before I went to get treatment. The doctor used ultraviolet light and a cream, that took a month or two and it all went away. It never came back, I haven’t had it since until a year and a half ago. I’m now 66. Now I have 11 areas.

“So for the last 6 months I’ve been aggressively trying to treat it. I put on different creams. It still woke me up, the itching was so bad. This scratching would bring relief, but then it becomes inflamed and seems to leave something like a scar. You can feel the evidence, I have a rough patch even after it stops flaring. So I went online to do some research. One person said to take borage oil, a certain amount each day internally. They said try GLA, gamma linoleic acid, so I added that. I did see a cream that was guaranteed to help, it’s like a gel. It’s very expensive but it’s guaranteed to help you. I ordered that and probably used that for 3 to 4 weeks the way the instructions read, two or three times a day. My husband would put it on my back and I would put it on my arms. I was religious about it because this thing was waking me up at night and it’ll just flare up and you just want to scratch it. They say cold compresses help too, to calm it down. So I tried that too. The expensive cream did help, I noticed it began to work after about three days.  I’d say 50% reduction in the symptoms of the redness and itchiness over three weeks. But if I missed putting the cream on it would start to flare up. And there were periods where it would all flare up again, terribly, it didn’t all just go away. Even if I was using the cream, even if I put it on earlier in the day I might have a flare up. The cream didn’t burn my skin but it felt like it, as if the eczema was getting agitated by this expensive cream and then would start to calm down. Sometimes in the middle of the night I would get up and put the cream on, that’s what was going on.

“And then Bora suggested that I try the PLEXUS Body Cream. And I thought, ‘Well how is a body cream going to help this?’ But she showed me some testimonial videos online. The pictures online seemed to me to be some of these phony before-and-after pictures that you see; like these cosmetic surgery pictures, you’re 80 but now you look 30. So I thought, ‘I don’t know.’ But my daughter-in-law is very tenacious! So I decided to try it just to get her off my back! And so, after four days of use, it’s definitely calmed the itching down by, I’d say, 90%! And the redness is down by 90% as well! I did have a flare-up on day 2, but I put on the PLEXUS Body Cream and it calmed down in about a half an hour. That was my only flare-up. Even if this is as well as the PLEXUS cream does, I haven’t found another thing like it. Nothing. I’m going to keep using it.”

PLEXUS Body Cream contains spirulina algae as a detoxifier, also activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal has been shown to create a protective pathogen-blocking barrier on the skin, as well as to absorb toxins.  If you or someone you know suffers from eczema or similar skin disorders, please refer them to this blog post. Questions may be asked in the comment section. You may also visit my ambassador website to learn more about the product, http://www.shopmyplexus.com/borarew.


The images below were taken 9 days apart.




When Something Finally Works!

Get A Move Out

Part of keeping up the vim and vigor is playfulness, actively playing at something even when you don’t feel like it or haven’t the time for it.  One must force oneself to play, as if that were ever a consideration during childhood.  Part of bringing up children, in fact, is encouraging them toward activity when they’d prefer not to budge.  A game must be hatched.  The game this morning was a we-are-not-wimps exercise, designed by my husband for our two young people…and for me, I suspect.  First snow is upon us and, as is his way, my husband decided we needed to get out in it while the flakes yet fell.  The outside thermometer indicated twenty-seven degrees of cold comfort.  I could feel my feet getting heavier already, torn between the contentment of inertia and the challenge of establishing momentum.

We suited up the children, opened the door and walked away into the woods near the house.  The game was clearly going to build character.  This was not the quiet soft snowfall of the movies.  This was sharp little ice crystals carried on the wind at terminal velocity against our cheeks, pelting the poor birds sideways at my father-in-law’s feeders as we passed them en route to adventure.  Our son is typically the first to broadcast his opinions, just now his regret over joining the trek.  This man that I married reminded him that a choice to join was not given, reluctant enlistees all of us.  Would they really rather be inside on such a rare and glorious day?  They would.

Our daughter is clever.  As Dad barked his orders of “let’s go!” and “turn this way!” and “not that way!”, my young lady recognized the hike for what it actually was, a game of Follow the Leader.  Not to be outdone, she extended her gait until she overtook her father and put a significant distance between herself and the three of us.  Now we would follow her, no more barking.  I was, for a moment, almost envious.  My daughter had more of my own spirit than I just then.

Uphill, downhill, through sheltering woods and across windswept fields…such a lovely thing to hike through deep snow with the ones we love, really.  Upon returning indoors, I noticed we were all chirpier than before leaving, some extra buzz to our beings.  The pictorial follows, humble testament to the notion of things that are good for us.  Happy days to you!

Get A Move Out

Eau de Lavender


My husband really digs lavender. Though I’m not quite as in-love with it as he is, I do have a great appreciation for the plant. I would have been content with a single specimen in our garden; my husband installed several clusters of two or three specimens right up against the house. This so he could dart out from the home office and be in lavender bliss within seconds. He’s funny.  But maybe not as much as I thought. Did you know that lavender essential oil is known for having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties? And, according to Wikipedia, the lavender plant is considered a weed in Spain. I didn’t know that. Poor Spain.

Not technically an “oil” by definition, I shall stick with the term essential oil because of it’s prevalence of use. My first exposure to essential oils was several years ago through my mother-in-law. I, like her, initially considered aromatherapy to be the science of air fresheners. Yet another example of showing my ignorance. For those who know, the use of essential oils goes way beyond air fresheners, with the highest-grade distillations yielding seriously impressive results.  As I learn about plant essences and their uses, I do rely much on my mother-in-law; she’s easily the most educated member of the family on this topic. Back to the lavender.

The word lavender gets its name from the Latin term for washing, lavare. Lavender oil is used in many household cleaning preparations because, like most essential oils, it is high in antifungal and antibacterial properties.  I had also heard that lavender essential oil could be used to fend off a headache; not the mighty malevolent migraine necessarily, see earlier post for that. But for an aggravating headache our household has found it to be an excellent remedy. The story of first success goes like this.

My in-laws were in the natural cosmetics section of a well-known grocery store chain. My father-in-law had been complaining of a persistent headache; for him to complain at all is rare. My mother-in-law serendipitously happened to be browsing the essential oils at that moment when, as if against some unseen cloud of resistance, the light went on. “Oh!”, she exclaimed, “I just read that lavender is supposed to help with headaches!” She opened a tester and stuck it under his nostrils. “Here, smell this.”  It’s worth mentioning that my father-in-law has no sense of smell, so the sniff-and-be-happy marketing of perfumes is lost on him. I should also say that he is a research scientist of some renown, who readily admits to being “the doubting scientist who thinks it will have no effect whatsoever” whenever someone suggests something resembling a home remedy. In the best of humor, I’m sure, he smiled and sniffed. I suppose years of wisdom has taught him that a quick whiff was the quickest way out of the cosmetics section. Yet it wasn’t 20 minutes before my mother-in-law remembered to ask him about his headache. “Hmm. It’s all gone. Whaddaya know.” Amazingly, we continue to find reasons to trust Nature.

Not all essential oils are equal. It is important to recognize the difference between fragrance oils and high-grade therapeutic oils. Generally, a fragrance oil is synthetic and good for making your bathroom smell nicer then it might.  A medicinal grade essential oil is a natural plant (actually quite a few plants in bulk) undergoing a steam distillation process, all to produce a concentrated essence of that plant’s particular chemical traits. Since these are natural products and cannot be patented, pharmaceutical companies have little to no interest in them; this is probably why the only information we seem to find is anecdotal over the generations.

Most topical essential oils should be used in combination with a carrier oil or other natural agent, so that they are not used undiluted. If you’re going to use lavender only as a household cleaning ingredient, you need not pay the therapeutic-grade price. However, because of quality and purity standards, it is worth paying the extra money if you intend to use it, or any other essential oil, on your body. The same applies for oils to be used for inhalation, the chemical ingredients of the vapors now traveling into your lungs and being taken up by the bloodstream. Before going ape crazy and splashing oils on yourself, be aware that some oils can be dangerous, affecting the skin or increasing the heart rate for example.  Each oil is known for it’s specific chemical make up and, ergo, specific treatments…the details of which go beyond the scope of this post.

You can easily make a lovely lavender water, or hydrosol, by combining 2 cups distilled water, 2 ounces ethyl alcohol (or vodka), and 15 drops therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil. The ethanol is used here as a preservative. Use a sterile glass container and stir the concoction until evenly blended. This water is good as a skin toner or astringent, the acidic nature of flower waters is helpful against blemishes and the like. It can also be used as a perfume in the hair. I may do this tomorrow, see who notices. Wink.

Eau de Lavender

A Clear Head


When does a woman take to the internets in order to laud the accomplishments of a nutritional supplement company?  This one, right here.  Right now.  I suffer exceeding few health issues, truth be told.  For this I am grateful, mama taught us well, God is good.  One item, however, has been the bane of every month.  You see where I’m going with this.

If I may risk some overexposure for a moment, that famously feminine cyclical occurrence used to be little more than an inconvenience for me, from day one.  Being the chip-on-my-shoulder girl that I was, I still felt compelled to complain.  No one told me it was anything to rejoice over.  First came love, then came marriage and, joy of joys, we became pregnant with our first child and (insert magic wand sound) no more monthly bother for a while.  I can’t say I missed it.  For all the anticipated inconveniences of motherhood, I rather appreciated the monthlies passing uneventfully.

It was after our second child that the migraines kicked in, along with the associated brain fog and top-to-bottom malaise.  Anyone who’s suffered regular migraines can attest to the inflicted debilitation.  I determined it was most likely related to sleeplessness and the demand of two small children, that normalcy would surely return as soon as, well, normalcy returned.  That hasn’t really happened yet, in case you’re wondering.  And as my cycle returned for it’s regular visits, a new guest joined the party:  Monsieur le Crippling Headache.  I found I needed extra rest a few days before first sighting, almost a solid day of napping at least once during the period.  I avoid pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary, so I toughed it out every time, ensuring I ate as healthfully as I could prior to the main event.

About a year ago, my dear friend, Mary June, introduced me to the Plexus line of nutritional supplements.  She was an ambassador for their products and, by her initial excitement, I assumed she must be high on a recent sales meeting and was looking to fill her quota.  My eyes glazed over as I backed away with a smile, sad to lose such a good friend.  Happily, these many months later, due diligence done, I am now an ambassador and fan of the company and their products.  Mary June and I remain fast friends to boot!  The penny dropped when, after taking the Plexus Tri-Plex Combo for only about two weeks, my next period came and went without a single inkling of aggravation.  No fog, no pounding, no throbbing, no pain!  After nearly six years, no head pain.  It bears repeating one last time for speed readers:  no pain.  The same held true for subsequent periods.  I still get a bit giddy when those days come and breeze along with no hassle.  I can stay on track.  I got something of a missing peace returned to me and I am ecstatic.  Woman thou art loosed!

If you’d like more information about Plexus Worldwide, their products and / or the business opportunity, please ask your questions in the Comments section, or visit http://www.shopmyplexus.com/borarew.


A Clear Head

Good News is Good News!

I love wonderful news!  Speaking with my mother by telephone today, she mentioned she had gone to her doctor for blood pressure check-up.  She doesn’t mind me telling this story.  Here are her blood pressure numbers:  125 / 75.  These are healthy numbers!  The National Institutes of Health define normal adult blood pressure numbers as below 120 mmHg for systolic pressure and below 80 mmHg for diastolic pressure.  My mother has been on blood pressure medications since she was fifty-six years of age, with numbers typically at 132 / 80 while on the meds.

My mother is in excellent health generally.  At age eighty-three, she still works at the family store seven days a week.  She faithfully takes her constitutional walks and daily stretch exercises.  The only new routine in Mom’s life is that she began taking Plexus’ all-natural Tri-Plex Combo (SLIM / ProBio 5 / BioCleanse) in late November, 2015, at my suggestion.  I introduced her to the company’s Ease and Nerve supplements initially.  She has suffered back pain for more than thirty years, the result of an injury.  As she aged, the severity increased, to the point of disc and bone degeneration followed by spinal curvature.  Over these last ten years, the pain becomes almost unbearable, so much so that she’s regularly in and out of acupuncture clinics, on and off chiropractor’s tables, back and forth to pharmacies.  Time, energy and money, all spent with only temporary relief.  Winter is typically the worst, when no position is a comfortable one.  I have watched her spirit go from bright to dull, hunched over and shuffling about with her cane, pulling a forced smile if she catches you watching her.  We were beginning to think chronic agony is how it will be for her from now on.

So imagine my surprise at receiving a phone call around Christmas-time, her voice bouncing about with so much energy!  “I can bend over and tie my shoes now!”  My sister had been doing it for her, bless her heart!  With such success in such short time from beginning the Plexus Ease and Nerve products, Mom asked if there is anything else Plexus makes that I might recommend to her.  After going over the products together, we thought the supplements in the Combo would be good for maintenance at the very least.  Good habits beget good health; within a week of beginning the Plexus ProBio 5 and BioCleanse, she reported improved regularity and feeling noticeably cleaner, as regards digestion.  She called me three days in a row to say “thank you” for turning her onto the Plexus products.  Furthermore, after only four weeks taking their SLIM product, her blood pressure numbers are down from 132 / 80 to 125 / 75, first time in almost thirty years!  She has even been advised by a doctor that she may consider weaning off of the meds and report how her body responds.  Considering that another family member is on kidney dialysis from renal failure associated with blood pressure meds, who wouldn’t like to hear that they can discontinue?  Right?


Good News is Good News!

This is Me. Is That You?


My name is Bora.  I was born and raised in South Korea, on rice, fish, tofu, seaweed and every local vegetable imaginable.  Occasionally we were treated to canned pineapple slices when my little brother would run the mile and a half into town with pocket money given to him by our mother.  My sister and I always allowed him two slices for his legwork, we were told he deserved it.  Mother and Father were both teachers, spending most hours of the day away from the house.  But our nanny’s skills shone throughout our humble kitchen, sustaining us with wonderfully healthful Korean fare.  The foundations of good nutrition were imposed upon us from birth, we thought we ate like royalty.  I assumed this would continue on, simple good living without end.  However, when I was thirteen, my father embraced a growing trend among our extended family.  As if to say farewell to childhood forever, we were uprooted from all I ever knew, emigrating to America; life would not be simple again for a long time.

Early days in the new world were not easy, rather nearly impossible.  A new language and new people who looked nothing like us nor we like them.  Our school peers were typically mocking of my siblings and me, with our foreign names and ways.  The smell of kimchee streaming from our pores and breath probably garnered us no leeway, now I think of it.  We were hit-and-miss newbies in the land of opportunity.  We shopped for cookware to be used in the “chicken”.  We chose American names, as if that would improve our community position.  My father began a small business where, after school, my sister and brother and I helped out until closing.  Then there was homework.  I failed every class my first year, with the exception of mathematics.  I recall hours during and after school getting special tutelage so as to achieve passing grades.

I took after my father and pursued art.  I began four years at a reputable institute, as well as a downward spiral into self-destruction which seemed to have no light at the end of it.  This crash and burn was precipitated by actions against me early in my life, continuing and compounding in our new-and-improved country and culture.  I may elaborate in a future post.  Suffice to say that, by God’s good grace, I was reclaimed from out of the pit and set firmly upon the Rock of His love.  In my mid-twenties, life’s path took a meandering drift toward something brighter, something of a personal reset.  Old thoughts replaced by new, empowering thoughts.  Today, in my mid-forties, much water long passed beneath the bridge, my walk is straighter…surer.  I married and began a family with a man who, for all his triumphs and tumblings, has loved me as he found me.  I daily aim to do the same for him.  Here begins the journey to real living, the spirit of love being fundamental to holistic well-being, with a mind toward longevity.

As introductions go, this may read a bit TMI.  So here are the brass tacks:  the purpose of this blog, going forward, is to be a repository for my thoughts and findings as regards optimal health and overall wellness.  I have been an avid researcher and proponent of excellent health for the last twenty years, and now find it worthwhile to fill these pages with those moments I consider essential remembering, in the interest of encouraging all who pass this way.  May this blog be as valuable to you, esteemed reader, as to me, while I compile anecdotes and lessons learned.

One final note, in the interest of transparency, I work as an independent ambassador for PLEXUS WORLDWIDE’s line of nutritional supplements, and am a shameless fan of their products.  Some of the content herein will be reflective of this.  Be sure to look at the disclaimer.  Otherwise, read on and benefit as you will.  I wish you the very best of life while it carries you!

This is Me. Is That You?